Free Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar Models

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We need your help! Armies of Space Marines and Stormcast Eternals have arrived at Pinball Land – and they need to be painted!

Free Warhammer Miniatures Models Games Workshop Pinball Land

Come on in and claim your FREE MINIATURE today!


Get Started with a Free Games Workshop Miniature

Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar are super fun hobby games to get into, but they can be a bit intimidating.  That’s why we’re giving away free miniatures, so you can see for yourself what painting these little guys is all about, and just how much fun it is.

Stormcast Eternal and Space Marine models

Choose from either a Space Marine from Warhammer 40,000 or a Stormcast Eternal from Warhammer Age of Sigmar.  The Space Marine’s awesome power armor can be painted the color of your favorite Space Marine Chapter, or you can create your own Chapter with its own color scheme.  For example, the Blood Angels Chapter have bright red power armor, the Ultramarines wear blue trimmed in yellow or gold, and the Dark Angels are a deep green with Red trim.  This is a list (with pictures) of all of the known Space Marine chapters, but if even that is too restricting, you can come up with your own chapter with its own unique color scheme, symbols and lore.  The same applies to the flowing robes and fearsome armor of the Stormcast Eternals – you can paint them in traditional faction colors, or any other colors you’d like!  Let your imagination run wild!

Stormcast Eternal and Space Marine painted models at Pinball Land

Miniature Modeling Paint and Tools

These miniatures don’t paint themselves; you’ll need some basic craft supplies to get them looking their best.  You can use your own acrylic craft paints and brushes, or pick up some Citadel supplies from our range.  Our paints are specially formulated for miniatures, and many coloring tutorials mention these colors by name, making it easy to get great results.Warhammer 40k Paint and Tools Set

Your arcade guardian on duty will be able to help you pick out the paints you’ll need for your chosen miniature.  Ask about the special Shade and Technical paints to really make your model stand out.

So, come on into Pinball Land and claim your free Warhammer miniature and get your new hobby started!  We can’t wait to see how you paint up your awesome little warriors.

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