Pinball Summer Camp

Learn how to play pinball in a relaxed, supportive environment through this 5-day enrichment workshop.  Rain or shine, your instructors (all former educators) will teach you the rules and etiquette of pinball, give you the opportunity to learn flipper skills, and discover the secrets of many popular pinball machines.  On the final day of camp, you will put your new skills to the test in a pinball tournament with your fellow campers where the top three players will take home trophies!

Row of Pinball Machines including Monster Bash, Star Wars, Attack from Mars and Pinbot

Developmental benefits of learning to play pinball:

  • Social skills
  • Sportsmanship
  • Perseverance
  • Patience
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Imagination

Who:  Kids, ages 6-12

When: Dates:

There are 2 sessions available:
Session 1:  9:00 – 10:15
Session 2:  11:00 – 12:15
Both sessions meet Monday thru Friday.

Where:  Pinball Land, Downtown Rockford

Price:  $50