Bally, 1995Attack from Mars pinball backglassDescription:

Defend Earth against an invasion of ugly green Martians with your pinball prowess!  Attack from Mars is a great game for players of all skill levels.  It has one main objective: destroy the flying saucer’s force field then blow the saucer out of the sky!  While you’re not firing away at the flying saucer, there are easy-to-hit ramps and orbits that work towards an awesome multiball mode – Total Annihilation!  After you defend 5 major world cities, you take the battle back to Mars!  Wow, what a great game!  One of the best pinball machines of all time.Attack from Mars pinball machine playfield at Pinball Land arcade in Rockford MIQuick Tips:

  • As much fun as it is to destroy the flying saucer, its position in the middle of the game can lead to lots of shots going straight down the middle.
  • Aim for the orbit and ramp shots as often as you can. Completing each of these shots 3 times each will start Total Annihilation multiball!
  • After the second flying saucer is destroyed, an Extra Ball will be available to collect at the scoop.
  • Use your multiball rounds as extra ammunition when fighting the later saucers. They take a lot of hits, so you’re going to need all the firepower you can get!

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