Black Knight: Sword of Rage


Stern, 2019

Black Knight Sword of Rage pinball Pro translite backglassDescription:

The Black Knight returns in the third installment of this classic series, over 20 years since his last appearance. Like all of the new Stern pinball releases, there is a standard Pro version and a more-expensive Premium version. Pinball Land is very proud to offer the “lesser” Pro version of BKSOR.

While it lacks the iconic upper playfield that made the Black Knight series stand out in the past, it makes up for it with blistering speed, incredibly satisfying shots, and an intense adversarial energy unmatched by any other game. The Black Knight himself dominates the playfield with his spinning bi-directional flail and his bashing shield, taunting and insulting you throughout your game. Can you defeat the Black Knight’s monstrous guardians and defeat him in a one-on-one duel? Stand up and fight!

Black Knight Sword of Rage pinball playfieldQuick Tips:

  • The Black Knight is one mean dude and he will do whatever he can to end your game – quickly!
  • Backhand your shots whenever possible instead of shooting across the playfield. The flail lane and shooting behind the big shield are easy, satisfying shots to backhand — and much safer!
  • The Small Shield target must be hit in order to light locks at the Big Shield. This little target can also be reliably backhanded.
  • Spelling R-A-G-E in the inlanes will make the Black Knight raise his shield and lights a mystery reward, too! Make sure to use lane change every time the ball is returned to the right flipper.

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