Demolition Man

Williams 1996

Demolition Man pinball translite image

This smooth-shooting combofest is a flow-lover’s dream!  Don’t be put off by the movie theme and the egos of the actors on the backglass – “Demo Man” is awesome!

The first thing most people notice about Demolition Man are the unique handles on either side of the cabinet.  These can be used to flip your flippers just like the traditional buttons.  The right-handle thumb button also launches your ball.  The handles are also used to control the Cryo Claw, however in an effort to speed up the gameplay and make it less confusing for new players, we have disabled the claw and elevator.

Another thing that makes Demolition Man unique in our lineup is the size.  This game is wider than most, allowing for more shots and features.  They have a name for these sorts of machines: wide-bodies!  Many wide body pinball machines play awkwardly and slower compared to standard-width, but that’s not the case with Demo Man.  It’s fast, smooth, and full of combo opportunities!


Quick Tips:

  • There is an upper-left flipper on this game! Use it every time the ball comes around the bend or there’s a good chance it will end up right down the middle.
  • If you press both of the “thumb buttons” on the handles at the same time, during a multiball mode, you will score a “Secret Jackpot.” Save these for when you only have one more Jackpot to go.
  • Use the handles for higher scores! You will earn a “Trigger Combo Bonus” at the end of each ball that essentially doubles your regular Combo Bonus…as long as you use the triggers.
  • Demolition Time is a sneaky wizard mode that makes you aim for the yellow targets instead of the ramps you’ve been shooting the entire time leading up to it. Change it up and aim for the targets instead to add balls and get big points.

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