Iron Maiden

Stern 2016

Stern Iron Maiden Pro translite image

Stern’s Iron Maiden pinball machine might just be the best pinball machine ever designed.  Now, I must admit: I’m biased.  I love Iron Maiden’s music, artwork, and all-round vibe, but those elements have little to do with what makes this pinball machine so outstanding.  The playfield, featuring 4 flippers, includes three metal ramps (one that sends your ball through the air towards a giant target), a bank of drop targets, two spinners, a harrowing ramp shot-through-the-pops, a captive ball, loop shots that feed into each other, and amazing rules that reward good players for conscious play.  For example, the inlane switches can be toggled to activate a 2X or 3X playfield multiplier when lit.  This machine will not be as satisfying to players that play “keep it up” flailing at the ball – it’s not that kind of game. Iron Maiden is a game for true pinball aficionados.

Quick Tips:

  • Spell E-D-D-I-E to start song modes. You earn a letter in E-D-D-I-E each time you complete a shot with a white insert.  Begin the mode by hitting the Pharaoh target beyond the center ramp.
  • Start Trooper Multiball by completing the drop target bank 3 times, then lock balls either up the middle past the spinner, or at the right orbit. Lock 3 balls and the charge begins!
  • Start Mummy Multiball by spelling M-U-M-M-Y at the captive ball. Once M-U-M-M-Y has been spelled, shoot the middle ramp and hit the Pharaoh target.  Then, spell M-U-M-M-Y again by plinking away at the captive ball.  On “Y” Mummy Multiball begins!
  • The “X” targets scattered all over the playfield are your ticket to getting big scores. Complete all of the X targets and the “Activate X” insert will light at one inlane.  Use the flipper buttons to change which side will Activate X when the ball passes through.  When activated, the point values for every shot and target are doubled for about 30 seconds.  If you can hold off on activating long enough to complete the X targets a second time, the point values will triple when you finally do activate it!

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