Joker Poker

Gottlieb 1978

Joker Poker Backglass

If you like drop targets, you’re going to LOVE Joker Poker, a beautiful classic Gottlieb pinball machine.  Complete “poker hands” by knocking down all of the drop targets in that hand and score big with your end of ball bonus.  The “hands” are a single “10 High”, a pair of Jacks, three Queens, 4 Kings and 4 Aces plus the Joker.  Remember to use the third flipper (located high on the playfield) to help you get those Aces!  Our Joker Poker has a lot of nice features, like a perfect backglass and the updated electronics set behind it.  These new electronics (the Pascal board, for you pinheads out there) give this game features that the original hardware was not capable of such as a Skill Shot, attract mode lighting, blinking inserts and even a ball saver!  What a terrific game!


Quick Tips:

  • The Queens are the easiest (and best) targets to hit for high scores.
  • The Queen target bank resets after completion, allowing continuous scoring from this area.
  • Use the upper flipper to knock down the Ace and Joker targets. The far-left Ace is very difficult to hit from any flipper, even the top one.
  • Completing specific drop target banks on each ball will light the “5X Bonus” insert, which is a great way to get big points. On Ball 1, you need to simply hit the 10 to light the 5x Bonus.  On Ball 2 you need to complete the 3 Queens and on Ball 3 you need to complete the Aces and Joker.  Make sure you don’t tilt when you have that 5x Bonus lit or you’ll throw away all those points!

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