Stern, 2019Jurassic Park pro translite at Pinball Land

Description:  You are the new Gate Warden of Jurassic Park.  Dennis Nedry has shut down the park’s systems, created total chaos and you are the staff’s only hope of rescue!  Drive your truck through dinosaur paddocks, rescuing stranded staff members before the dinos get ’em!  Capture dinosaurs to earn special powers to help you on your mission.  Evade the t-rex, raptors, spitters, and whatever you do, don’t drive your truck off a cliff – AAAAAH!  One of the greatest modern pinball machines, sure to be a new classic for all time.

Jurassic Park pinball

Quick Tips:

  • The Skill Shot is more than just 1 shot, it’s a sequence!  Before anything else, hit (in order) Left Ramp, Right Ramp, Tower Ramp, Right Orbit to start your ball with a nice score boost.
  • Spell M-A-P by hitting white shots to light the next Paddock.  Shoot the left ramp to start the Paddock mode.  Pay attention to your ball and not the screen – the release is unconventional and can catch you off guard!
  • Hit the Truck 4 times to spell T-REX.  This will light a T-Rex mode at the left ramp.  There are many of these to complete!
  • Spell C-H-A-O-S by hitting the corresponding shots, then start Chaos Multiball by hitting the stand-up target in the pop bumper nest.
  • The spinner’s value can be boosted by hitting ramp shots.  Complete all 4 ramps to max out the spinner value, but beware: it only lasts for 1 spinner rip!  After that, the ramps need to be completed again to re-boost the spinner value.

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