Williams, 1995

No Fear pinball translite image

No Fear is pure adrenaline packed into a pinball machine! This basically-perfect Steve Ritchie design is all about speed as you compete in various extreme sports like skydiving, water skiing, and off road racing. Long, unforgiving shots such as dual ramps, a quick U-Turn shot, and an absolutely awesome spinner shot at the left orbit reward successes while the rubber posts between lanes will punish failures.

In a change of pace, No Fear’s mascot character, the talking skull, Bonehead, actually encourages you to play your best. The game does a great job at explaining the goals of each mode, and speaking of modes, not one but three “Wizard Modes” await highly skilled players! The real kicker to this game is the unique “jump ramp” that uses an upper flipper to catapult the ball across a gap and around a metal loop at blistering speeds over and over again! What a rush!

No Fear pinball playfield close up with Jump Now signQuick Tips:

  • Select “Start Challenge” for your “Skill Shot” at the start of each ball to quickly get through the modes. Press the Launch Ball button when your desired reward is on-screen.
  • Practice the Jump shot for big points! The ball comes around that turn really fast, so be ready to intercept with the upper flipper. Don’t flip too early!  It’s all about rhythm.  It might help to listen for the sound when the ball makes a successful jump shot to know when to flip again.
  • Dirt Challenge is the best modes to combine with jump shots. Every time you get up the “Jump Now” ramp, whether or not you make the jump, the ball will return to the right flipper safely for another attempt.
  • The biggest points in the game are available during the Wizard Modes “No Limits” and “Meet Your Maker.” Reach these by starting the other “Challenge” modes.

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