Opening Weekend was a Super Jackpot!

925 694 Pinball Land

The dust has settled after an incredibly fun opening weekend at Pinball Land. Lots of guests, lots of games being played, and most importantly, lots of smiles!

The surprise favorite game of the weekend was none other than Gottlieb’s “hidden gem” Big Hurt! It’s a game I personally love, but I did not expect the public to gravitate towards it so much. It was played more than any other game, including the new Stern Star Wars and our beautiful Attack from Mars and Monster Bash. The hit video game was Crusin Exotica with Gauntlet Legends following closely.

It was wonderful meeting so many enthusiastic people of all ages! Very cool to see parents sharing the arcade experience with their kids, showing them the ropes and just having a good time.

Here’s some photos taken on Saturday:

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Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!