Star Trek

Stern, 2013

Star Trek pinball alternate translite

Star Trek is the total package.  The shots are smooth and natural, the theme is exciting and fun, and the rules are the perfect blend of accessibility and challenge for pinball players of all levels.  Between the bright lighting, the clear plastic ramps and the awesome sound effect package, Star Trek pinball faithfully captures the feeling of the recent ‘Trek movies.

The game has you in the role of Captain Kirk, setting out to complete the missions shown on the playfield: Prime Directive, Space Jump, Save the Enterprise, Nero, Destroy the Drill and Klingon Battle.  You can choose which mission you want to take on at the start of the game using the flipper buttons, then complete them by hitting the appropriately-colored shots.  Our Star Trek pinball features a terrific custom art package including a stunning translite that almost appears 3D.  Big, bright and tons of fun, Star Trek will beam you up to a great time.


Quick Tips:

  • The left ramp is very backhand-able, so use this to your advantage. The spinner shot can also be hit with an early backhand, as can the right ramp, but not as easily as the left.
  • The Warp Ramp can be hit with the upper-right flipper. Look at the playfield near the tip of the upper flipper and you will spot a white line pointing directly up the ramp.  That’s when you want to flip!
  • You can get a ball behind the upper flipper! Hold the right flipper button while shooting with the left to sneak a ball up there. This “Away Team” shot has many rewards, including starting “Away Team Hurry Ups” and starting a new mission after the current mission is completed.
  • The Fire button is used to fire Photon Torpedoes at the Vengeance ship. The yellow triangle inserts represent earned torpedoes.  Firing torpedoes spots shots needed to start Vengeance Multiball and will also do serious damage to the ship once multiball has started!

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