The Beatles Pinball Now Available at Pinball Land

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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s The Beatles! The Fab Four are performing daily at Pinball Land in their very own pinball machine! This game is a true blast from the past, featuring a single-level classic-style layout even though it was made in 2018. Even though it doesn’t have fancy ramps like its peers, The Beatles pinball has it where it counts – pure gameplay! Read on to learn more about this sensational pinball machine from Stern Pinball!

The Beatles Pinball – Layout

The layout of The Beatles pinball looks just like a vintage pinball machine from the 70’s. That’s because it was actually based off of another pinball machine called Seawitch made in 1979. The Beatles takes everything that was fun about Seawitch and takes it to the next level.

Let’s go on a little tour of The Beatles pinball layout!

The Beatles pinball machine playfield
The Layout (from left to right)

  • Mystery Target
  • Super Jackpot Target
  • F-A-B Drop Targets
  • Left Loop
  • Left Light Mystery Target
  • Left Spinner
  • JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE and RINGO Targets
  • Pop Bumpers (3)
  • Beatlemania Magnet
  • F-O-U-R Drop Targets
  • 1-9-6-4 Drop Targets
  • Right Light Mystery Target
  • Right Spinner
  • Skill Shot Star Rollover

And while not a target, there is one more feature that certainly needs mentioning. There is a spinning record in the middle of the playfield that also houses a magnet. This area can really throw you for a curveball – literally!

The Beatles Pinball – Skill Shots

There are 4 different skill shots you can attempt to score on your plunge.

  1. Make a short plunge to the Skill Shot Star Rollover for 10,000 points.
  2. Short plunge the ball to the upper-right flipper then make a loop shot for 25,000 points.
  3. With a little more oomph, plunge the ball into the hole below the Beatlemania Magnet and hit the top Pop Bumper. This is worth 100,000 points!
  4. The final Skill Shot is a “Secret Skill Shot. This is obtainable during regular play. If you roll through the Left Inlane and shoot the Skill Shot Star Rollover, you will be awarded 50,000 points.

If you hit the same Skill Shot a second or third time it will increase the amount of points you are awarded.

One of The Beatles pinball’s Skill Shot opportunities.


The Beatles Pinball – Modes

There are 5 Modes in total. Each mode focuses on a particular shot or target. The goal of each mode is to hit its respective shot or target as many times as you can within 60 seconds.

Shoot each objective enough and you will increase your Level for each mode. The goal is to real Level 5 on every Mode.

  1. Drive My Car: Loops
  2. I Should Have Known Better: Drop Targets
  3. Ticket to Ride: Spinners
  4. It Won’t Be Long: Pop Bumpers
  5. All My Loving: 2-ball Multiball

At the start of each ball, you may select which mode you would like to activate using the flipper buttons. Plunge the ball to accept your choice and to start the game with that Mode activated.

All My Loving is a Multiball Mode and is only able to be selected on Ball 3.

Completing any mode will light the Super Jackpot target behind the F-A-B target bank. The value of the Super Jackpot is equal to the value of the mode that was just completed. This is a HUGE reward and should absolutely be attempted if you get it lit!

The Super Jackpot target is hidden behind the FAB drop target bank.

Mode Selection Strategies

There are numerous strategies related to which order to select the modes. Some people like to start with Drive My Car to build the Beatlemania progression to get 2x spinners. Other people like to start with It Won’t Be Long because the pop bumper goal is relatively safe and easy to complete. The order you choose to complete the Modes in is up to you! Try different orders and see what it does to your scores.

One thing to definitely keep in mind is to watch your chosen Mode insert before you plunge! The Modes will automatically change, so if you don’t plunge quickly enough after making your selection it could change on you!

The Beatles Pinball – Wizard Modes

For all you true Beatlemaniacs out there, there is not one but two Wizard Modes to reward outstanding play.

Hard Day’s Night/Beatlemania Multiball

This Wizard Mode is started by reaching at least Level 2 on all 5 Modes. Once you do, a 30 second round begins where completing Drop Target banks raises the Wizard Mode jackpot value. Once the 30 second timer runs out, or you drain (which ever comes first) a 4-ball Multiball Mode begins!

When you are in Beatlemania Multiball, completing the F-A-B and F-O-U-R Drop Target banks lights the Beatlemania Magnet at the top of the playfield. If you pass the ball over the Beatlemania Magnet, you will score the current jackpot value! This value continues to build for every Drop Target bank you complete.

At the end of Beatlemania Multiball, your Modes will all reset, allowing you the opportunity to complete them all over again!

Taxman Multiball

This highly advanced Wizard Mode is only available to those Beatlemaniacs that can reach Level 5 in all 5 Modes. Not easy! However if you can complete that task, one more shot to the upper Beatlemania Magnet will start Taxman Multiball.

This is a 4-ball Multiball Mode where all of the “standard” Modes are lit and active! Completing the 4 Beatles Targets (John, Paul, George and Ringo) will Add-a-Ball.

Your Modes will reset when you drain down to one ball.

Translite image for The Beatles Beatlemania pinball machine

And Much, Much More!

There are even more scoring opportunities available in The Beatles pinball machine! Once you’ve got a handle on the above rules, ask your friendly Arcade Guardian at Pinball Land for even more tips and tricks to get your score to the top of the charts!