Game of the Year Rush Pinball Machine Now at Pinball Land

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Rush finally has their own pinball machine – and it’s a good one! So good it won Game of the Year 2023 at the TWIPY Pinball Awards! Learn more about the dazzling experience of light, motion and sound that is Stern’s Rush pinball machine and how you can experience it at Pinball Land arcade!

Rush Pinball’s Layout

Rush’s layout isn’t anything veteran pinball players haven’t experienced a few times already, but it’s never felt this good. Designer John Borg reused a proven layout as seen previously on X-Men and on Tron Legacy, though there it’s reversed.

Rush pinball machine layout

Rush is just the latest incarnation of this solid layout with some extra features to make it unique, such as the 3-bank drop targets off to the left and, of course, the Time Machine gimmick in the center. Despite the similarities, Rush shoots better than X-Men and there is much more to do than on Tron.

3-bank drop targets, a shot through the pops and a kickout scoop on Rush pinball

The Music

It wouldn’t be a Rush pinball machine if it didn’t feature some Rush music, right? The game does not disappoint on the music selection with 16 included songs!

Songs included in the Rush pinball machine:

  1. Headlong Fight
  2. Far Cry
  3. One Little Victory
  4. Working Man
  5. 2112
  6. Tom Sawyer
  7. The Spirit of Radio
  8. Freewill
  9. Cygnus X-1 (Book One: The Voyage and Book Two: Hemispheres)
  10. The Big Money
  11. Subdivisions
  12. Limelight
  13. Fly By Night
  14. La Villa Strangiato
  15. Bastille Day
  16. Red Barchetta

Rush pinball machine backglass translite image

The Gameplay

The Rush pinball machine is fast and smooth with great flow.  There are multiple shots to make with the upper flipper, and you can even shoot underneath it like Star Trek’s Away Team shot. There are tons of natural-feeling built in combos that are fun and rewarding to shoot. These combos don’t have a timer, so you are free to hit the sequence of shots in whatever order you want, even with other shots interspersed.  This isn’t a game for fans of “hurry up” rewards, rather for players who like to simply jam out to great shots at their own pace. While it is intense, it’s also relaxing and forgiving.  It truly is a great balance of what makes pinball fun and challenging.

Rush pinball machine

As fluid and fun as the game is, it will keep you on your toes.  For example, the right orbit shot, if it doesn’t collide with a pop bumper on the way down, will almost certainly go down the middle.  The scoop will fire the ball back any which way.  Whether that’s intentional or a mechanical design botch, it’s still part of the game!  At least Stern has added a brief ball saver to the scoop’s kickout, just in case it throws it straight down the middle.  Rush is a game that commands your full attention.

Play Rush Pinball at Pinball Land

With our free play format, we’re an excellent place to come play the latest Stern games, including Rush! These games are so deep and complex that it can take dozens of games before you start to feel like you have a handle on the gameplay.  At Pinball Land, you don’t have to go through dollar after dollar just to learn the game. You just pay admission and you can play all you want during your time limit.  Just make sure if anyone else wants to play, you share the fun and play multiplayer, alright?

Rush is an awesome addition to Pinball Land’s collection of outstanding music pins including Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden and The Beatles. And, of course, it’s Insider Connected so you have even more achievements to unlock and different ways to play.

Play Rush pinball at Pinball Land today!