Close the Beaches – JAWS is at Pinball Land!

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Stern’s JAWS pinball machine is now available for play at Pinball Land! Featuring a fun layout, immersive lighting, music and visuals, and an intensity never before seen in a pinball machine, this is one game you just have to play. Keep reading to learn more about this stunning game you’re going to want to try over and over again.

Jaws pinball machine in a row of other pinball machines at Pinball Land arcade

Jaws Pinball – A Cinematic Pinball Machine

In Jaws the pinball machine, you take on the role of a shark hunter, tasked with taking down the massive Great White shark that’s been terrorizing the beaches of Amity Island.

This is the most cinematic and intense pinball machine we have ever featured at Pinball Land, using sight, sound and visuals to draw you into the game world like nothing before. Jaws pinball uses clips from the movie as well as the original John Williams score to spectacular effect!

Jaws pinball machine at Pinball LandJaws Pinball Features

The Jaws pinball machine is absolutely packed with innovative features that make it a one-of-a-kind pinball experience.

  • Stainless steel “Wave” ramp featuring chrome wireform return to mini flipper
  • Stainless steel “Quint’s Shack” right ramp with illuminated laser cut plastic building
  • Stainless steel “North Beach” half pipe ramp with chrome wireform return to bottom left flipper
  • Shark Cage with multi-directional captive ball featuring 3 optical sensors
  • Custom sculpted decorative Great White Shark breaking through three-dimensional shark cage
  • 3 bank Fish Finder Stand-up Targets
  • Cross playfield Harpoon lane with Quickshot Multiplier feature
  • Custom sculpted decorative Orca Barrel
  • 3 Flippers (2 standard, 1 mini)
  • Motorized Shark Fin Target with “Blood in the Water” effect animated lighting
  • Custom sculpted kinetic Chum Bucket toy with Newton ball
  • Fishing reel themed horizontal spinner
  • Great White Shark optical spinning target
  • Dual in-lane up posts
  • 3 Shark Tower stand-up targets
  • RGB LED playfield accent lighting
  • 5 unique Shark Encounter modes corresponding to iconic JAWS movie moments (Night Swim, Scars, Beach Panic, Pond Attack, Raft
  • 5 unique Bounty Hunt modes to catch sharks (Mako, Hammerhead, Tiger, Thresher, and Great White)
  • 5 unique Fish Finder modes (Night Search, Cast ‘N’ Catch, Super Life Ring, Super Buoys, Video Mode)
  • JAWS Multiball, Rescue Multiball, 2 Mini Wizard Modes, and Final Wizard Mode
  • Immersive film footage and audio assets from all four blockbuster films
  • Custom speech performed by Academy Award winning actor Richard Dreyfuss
  • Featuring iconic John Williams original movie theme music

Jaws pinball machine at Pinball Land

Attach a Barrel for Jaws Multiball

Hit the chum bucket to start dumping blood into the water. Then, hit red lit shots to advance the Chum Line. Fill out the Chum Line to ready a barrel. Then, shoot a yellow shot to get out your harpoon and shoot the shark fin to attach a barrel! This sequence is unbelievably exciting and must be played to be appreciated!

Jaws pinball machine playfield

Discover More Every Time You Play Jaws Pinball

The Jaws pinball machine is still technically in “beta” with the software still in development. As Stern updates the game, new features and modes will become available. Check Pinball Land’s Facebook page for up to the minute updates on our Jaws’ software.  We will also post a more detailed how-to-play guide once the rules for the game are closer to their final state.