Godzilla Pinball is Attacking Pinball Land!

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Don’t look now but Stern’s incredible Godzilla pinball machine is now available for play at Pinball Land! This tremendous layout has some seriously fast, flowing shots that makes for a fun game for both beginning and advanced pinball players. Go, go Godzilla!

Godzilla Pinball Layout

Godzilla is turning the pinball world upside down for very good reason – it’s awesome! Let’s break down what makes this game just so good by first taking a look at the layout.

The Layout (from left to right)

  • Maser Cannon Target
  • Tank Spinner
  • Left Ramp
  • Magna Grab Target
  • Left Building U-Turn
  • Center Building U-Turn
  • Tesla Targets (2 targets on either side of the Center Building shot)
  • “Big” Spinner
  • Right Ramp
  • Tesla Target
  • Big Loop
  • Tail Whip
  • Shield Targets
  • Mechagodzilla Spinner
  • Scoop
  • Pop Bumper

That’s a LOT of different shots and options! And each one is interesting and compelling in its own way. But what’s the goal? What should you be shooting for? Let’s find out!

Godzilla Pinball Goals

The objective of Godzilla pinball is for you, as Godzilla, to defeat the Xiliens (goofy aliens in a flying saucer) on Planet X by working your way around the globe, leaving total destruction in your wake.

There are 4 main objectives in each city:

  1. Kaiju Battle
  2. Bridge Attack
  3. Tank Attack
  4. Power Lines (Tesla Strike)

The idea is to activate (not necessarily finish) all 4 of these objectives. So how do you do that?

Kaiju Battles

To activate Kaiju Battle, shoot either ramp twice. This lights Kaiju Battle at the scoop. Shoot the scoop then choose which monster you want to do battle with!

Each monster has different shots that must be completed in order to do damage to them. For example, Gigan is dealt damage by hitting the ramp shots, however Titanousaurus is damaged by the Tesla Targets.

Try each of the Kaiju Battles to see which one works with your playstyle the best. Then, pick that Battle each time you step up!

Gigan is one of the kaiju you can choose to battle in Godzilla pinball. Shoot the scoop when Kaiju Battle is lit, then select which monster you want to fight.

Bridge Attack

Keep shooting the Magna Grab magnet target repeatedly to eventually light “Bridge Out!” at both ramps. Shoot one of the lit ramps to start Bridge Attack multiball. Destroy everything you can find for jackpots!

Tank Attack

Blast away at the Tank Spinner on the left side of the playfield to begin Tank Attack multiball! Similar to Bridge Attack, the multiball will just begin mid-stream. Shoot everything lit and rack up points!

Power Lines (Tesla Strike)

Take down the power lines by hitting the three Tesla Targets two times each. Shoot the flashing targets 5 times with the final target starting Tesla Strike! During Tesla Strike, keep nailing the large central spinner. This will build the value of the other major shots.

Once you have started each one of these objectives, a shot to the scoop allows you to move to a different city and starting the objectives again over there!

Finishing the objectives as opposed to merely starting them awards you with an awesome Annihilation Bonus! This bonus is based on your performance in the 4 objectives. If you do well in each of the modes, you will be handsomely rewarded!

Godzilla is a game where you always want to be applying yourself, maximizing every opportunity for greatness!

Godzilla guards the left ramp. Shoot under him to make this tight, satisfying shot!

Godzilla Pinball Skill Shots

Get some easy points off the plunge by understanding how Godzilla’s skill shots work. There are many flipper skill shots scattered all over this layout, but the main ones you should memorize all involve the plunger alone.

Try these Skill Shots:

  • Plunge so the ball crosses the playfield and enters the gate above the upper-left flipper
  • Short plunge so the ball only touches the switch near the pop bumper
  • Short plunge so the ball hits both the upper switch to the right of the pop bumper AND the lower switch
  • Plunge so the ball hits the pop bumper before anything else
  • Plunge to the upper flipper then shoot the big loop

There are even more skill shots for you to discover!

Godzilla Pinball Multiball Modes

Godzilla Multiball

Keep shooting any shot that crosses through the building to do damage to it. That includes both ramp shots as well as the shots that pass through the center of the building. Shots will begin to fill up the Damage Meter near the building. Once it’s full, another shot through the front door will start Godzilla Multiball!

Three balls will automatically plunge into play towards the Magna Grab. Most shots will be lit for jackpots. Keep making shots, blowing stuff up, and collecting those juicy jackpots! Go, go Godzilla!

Mechagodzilla Multiball

Mechagodzilla is activated by repeatedly hitting the spinner on the right side of the playfield. After enough spins, Mechagodzilla will come online! But he’s not ready to fight yet – he’s set up a protective barrier. Destroy his barrier by hitting the lit Shield Targets near the Mechagodzilla Spinner. Take out the shield and just one more spinner shot will begin Mechagodzilla Multiball.

During the multiball round, the ramps and building are all lit for jackpots worth at least 1.5M points each. After collecting a jackpot, shoot the Shield Targets to re-light the jackpots that weren’t collected.

The mighty Mechagodzilla! Start Mechagodzilla Multiball by blasting the spinner in front of the chrome beast repeatedly, then take down his protective barrier!

And Much, Much More!

Godzilla is a super deep game with modes on top of modes. The best way to learn about the whole game is to come to Pinball Land and get in some time with it. Then, you can ask the helpful Arcade Guardians about the game’s more advanced features, such as Allies, Godzilla Power Ups, Jet Fighter Attacks and so much more!