Led Zeppelin Pinball is Here!

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Get ready to rock with one of the fastest, smoothest, and most immersive pinball experiences ever designed – Led Zeppelin!  Pinball Land is proud to feature this sensational game in our lineup. Ramble on and take a look at what makes this game so special.

Led Zeppelin Pinball at Pinball Land

At first glance, you may make the mistake of underestimating Led Zeppelin as being “plain” or “too open” or with “not enough toys,” but LZ, like many pinball machines, is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Led Zeppelin Pinball Features

Let’s take a look at the playfield features:

  • 3 smooth-flowing metal ramps including one that goes into the backboard and an “over-under” ramp!
  • 1 awesome spinner!
  • 3 flippers!
  • “Flying” Icarus toy!
  • 3 sets of stand-up targets!
  • 1 3-bank drop target!
  • 2 kick-out eject holes!
  • 10 chart-topping songs!
  • Insanely awesome flow!
  • Simple, addictive rules!

Led Zeppelin Pinball at Pinball Land Icarus Toy

Led Zeppelin Pinball – The Feel of the Flow

There is plenty to shoot for, but the most important thing is how it feels to make these shots.  The metal ramps and lane guides feel just fantastic.  Led Zeppelin is all about momentum, building up speed from the long ramp shot to get up the right over-under ramp or to transfer that velocity to absolutely crush the spinner.

Led Zeppelin Pinball at Pinball Land

It’s all about combos, hitting these feel-good shots one after another after another to build up a multiplier that can be activated strategically.  This game flows terrifically, but doesn’t shoot “automatically” like Star Trek or Attack From Mars.  You’ll need to find your shots, but once you do, get ready to forget about playing other pins for a while because nothing feels like this.

Led Zeppelin Pinball at Pinball Land

Play Led Zeppelin Pinball at Pinball Land Arcade, Rockford, MI

Come on down to Pinball Land and play our Led Zeppelin pinball machine!  We’re the place you’re going to want to play such an addictive game – you’ll go broke feeding dollars into it!  At Pinball Land it’s only $15 for an All Day pass so you can rock and roll all day long for one flat rate.