Rockford Pinball League at Pinball Land

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Every Wednesday night, compete in the most fun, friendly pinball league around, only at Pinball Land arcade in Rockford, Michigan! Our all-ages league is the perfect atmosphere for casual and beginning players as we compete for the championship belt! Keep on reading to learn more about this outrageously fun, family-friendly event you can enter every week.

It’s More Fun to Compete!

Playing pinball is a lot of fun, no doubt about that, but it’s even more fun to play in a competitive environment. The Rockford Pinball League at Pinball Land offers a tournament play setting ideal for new and casual players, for whole entire families looking for an activity they can to together, or for experienced players looking for a more relaxed playing atmosphere.

Rockford Pinball League at Pinball LandEven though we call it The Rockford Pinball League, it is really a weekly pinball tournament held at Pinball Land in Rockford, Michigan every Wednesday night. There’s no commitment to play each week and you can jump in at any time during a series. There is an opportunity for YOU to go home the Champion every week!

How Our Pinball League Works

In our weekly tournaments, there are no strikes or eliminations. Instead, we play a format called “Flip Frenzy” where for 2 straight hours, players compete in randomly assigned games against random opponents. The winner of each match gets a point, the loser loses a point. The player with the most “Wins” at the end of the 2 hours wins the coveted championship belt for the week!

What are the perks of being champion? Well, aside from the obvious bragging rights and status, the returning champion gets to pick one extra game to be added to the lineup each week.

Rockford Pinball League Championship BeltFor the price of admission, all players are treated to pizza, pop and all the pinball they can play from 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM, every Wednesday night.

Admission is only $15 per player and includes 4 hours of unlimited play on all games at the arcade, entry into the 2-hour Flip Frenzy Pinball Tournament, pizza and soda pop. Occasionally we even do prize giveaways, especially during the finals and semi-finals!

We are proud to offer an family-friendly, all-ages pinball tournament! While it is technically “all-ages”, the competitive nature of the tournament works best for players ages 13 and up. Rockford Pinball League at Pinball Land truly is good, clean family fun!

Weekly Schedule – Pinball Tournaments Every Wednesday Night!

  • 6:00 PM – “Doors open” for tournament warm-up and practice
  • 7:00 PM – “Flip Frenzy” Tournament starts
  • 7:30 PM – Pizza arrives!
  • 8:00 PM – Arcade closes to the public
  • 9:00 PM – “Flip Frenzy” Tournament ends. Free play on all games for the next hour!
  • 10:00 PM – League Night ends

Questions about Rockford Pinball League?

Do have any questions about the Rockford Pinball League? If so, shoot us an email to You can also just come on into Pinball Land 6 days a week (we’re closed Mondays) and ask the Arcade Guardian on duty your questions.

We hope to see you next Wednesday night at Rockford Pinball League, only at Pinball Land!