Say “Hello” to RuleBot!

1001 1024 Pinball Land

Pinball Land has a new employee! Please give a warm welcome to RuleBot, the friendly referee robot now stationed at Pinball Land 24/7! RuleBot earns the distinctive honor of being our first permanent Arcade Guardian! He is programmed to not only guide guests towards the exciting back rooms packed with awesome games, but also to gently remind our players of our simple, reasonable rules.

RuleBot Robot at Pinball Land

Pinball Land’s Rules

Children 10 and Under Must be Supervised

We love being a family-focused arcade and welcome kids of all ages (ages 6+ enjoy the arcade the most). However, children younger than 10 years old must be supervised by an adult.

This isn’t just for the child’s protection and the protection of our equipment – kids that young simply need an adult to teach them how to play these vintage retro video games and pinball machines. Minecraft this is not! It’s alright – teaching kids how to play your favorite arcade games is a LOT of fun!

No Smoking or Vaping

This is pretty self-explanatory. Please, no smoking or vaping of any substance inside Pinball Land.

If you would like to smoke or vape, you may, but please do so outside. There is a public ash tray right next to a cozy park bench for your convenience.

No Outside Food or Drink

Please do not bring in any outside food or drink. The only exception to this rule is Private Party attendees or guests with RORA beverages. If you have a RORA-approved beverage from one of Rockford’s many vendors, you may bring it in to enjoy while you play.

Pinball Land is clean and our games play perfectly. That’s largely because there’s no melted ice cream jamming up the controls and nothing sticky spilled on the floors. If you would like a refreshment while playing, we do sell soda pop and candy.

Help us keep Pinball Land the spotlessly clean environment we’ve all come to love by finishing your treats outside, then coming in to have a ball!

No Running

We’d hate to have someone’s fun day out at the arcade get ruined by a senseless, preventable accident. Please, no running anywhere in Pinball Land.

No Abusive Play

The final rule is a very important one and it is tightly enforced by all of our Arcade Guardians. Please, do not abuse the games or play them abusively. What does that mean?

It’s simple. Do not pound on buttons. Do not hang from joysticks. Do not pull on steering wheels. Do not bang on the glass. All of this behavior falls under “Abusive Play” which we have absolutely zero tolerance for.

Violators of this rule will be given 2 verbal warnings, then their playing privileges will be revoked and a refund will not be given.

Look, we love these games too, and we know how exciting Pinball Land’s atmosphere can be and how people can get carried away with it all. That is not the behavior that this rule is referring to! This refers to the senseless destruction (mostly) under-supervised children inflict on the equipment.

These games don’t work any better the harder you push the buttons. The only thing that will happen is you will end up breaking the buttons, mashing the switches, breaking wires internally and even hurting your hands!

Help keep Pinball Land’s prices low by ensuring our repair costs are low – do not abuse the games!

When in Doubt, Ask the Staff!

If you don’t know how a particular game works or how to start it, please ask the staff! RuleBot isn’t much of a conversationalist, but all of the human Arcade Guardians love these games and know how to play them.

Please ask an expert if you are confused about how to start a game, how to play, or even if they know some tips, tricks, and secret moves they could teach you. There’s no shame in not knowing how to play a game, but there is in breaking it because you don’t know what you’re doing!

Above all, remember to have a ball! 🙂