Why NBA Jam and NFL Blitz are Still the Kings of Sports Arcade Games

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When it comes to sports arcade games, few titles have made as much of an impact as NFL Blitz and NBA Jam. Released in the 90s, these games were groundbreaking in their approach to sports gaming and continue to be some of the most popular arcade games in existence. But what makes these games so special, and why are they still relevant today? Read on to find out!

One of the key elements that made both NFL Blitz and NBA Jam so successful was their approach to gameplay. Instead of traditional sports simulations, both games focused on exaggerated, over-the-top gameplay that emphasized arcade-style fun over realism. In NFL Blitz, players could tackle opponents with brutal force and perform wild, acrobatic moves. In NBA Jam, players could jump 30 feet in the air and dunk the ball with incredible force. These elements made both games incredibly exciting to play, and made them stand out from more traditional sports games.

NBA Jam video arcade game at Pinball Land

Another reason for the popularity of NFL Blitz and NBA Jam is their multiplayer focus. Both games were designed to be played with friends, with four players able to play at once. This made both games incredibly social experiences, and helped to create a sense of friendly competition that kept players coming back for more. Even today, both games are often played in groups, and are popular choices for players of all ages.Kids playing NFL Blitz arcade cabinet

Of course, it’s also worth noting the visual and audio style of these games. Both NFL Blitz and NBA Jam were designed with a sense of humor and style that made them stand out from other arcade games. From the exaggerated character designs to the over-the-top announcer, these games had a look and sound like nothing else. Features such as the Big Head Code have made their way into games for generations to come. Announcer Tim Kitzrow’s iconic “Boom-shakalaka!” has become synonymous with the slam dunk ever since he coined the phrase for NBA Jam.

Overall, NFL Blitz and NBA Jam remain two of the most beloved sports arcade games in existence. Their approach to gameplay, multiplayer focus, and unique style have kept them relevant and fun to play even decades after their release.

So the next time you’re at Pinball Land, make sure to give these classics a try and see for yourself why they’re still the kings of sports arcade gaming!