Pinball Land Now an Official Stern Army Location!

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We at Pinball Land are absolutely thrilled and honored to be an official Stern Army location! What does this mean? It means more fun and prizes for you, that’s what! Read on to find out the fun details of our new relationship with Stern Pinball.

RuleBot, Pinball Land's official referee robot next to a Stern Army banner.

What is the Stern Army?

The Stern Army is a club of sorts that helps promote and support pinball locations featuring Stern Pinball machines. They do this in a variety of really cool ways that will make it even more fun to play at Pinball Land.

From Stern Pinball’s website:

“Members of the Stern Army are the official brand ambassadors that make up the Stern Pinball street team. Stern Army Members help make pinball locations flourish by creating and hosting monthly pinball events at a designated location and using these opportunities to help drive business to the location all while engaging and enriching the local pinball community. Stern Pinball helps by offering prize support to giveaway at your events and by also sharing the results through our social media channels to help promote your location.”

Stern Army Events at Pinball Land

Currently we run a weekly Stern Army Event at Pinball Land – a weekly pinball tournament. Our weekly tournaments use the fun and frenetic “Flip Frenzy” format, which is an excellent way for newer players to experience a pinball tournament.

We are also going to begin hosting monthly pinball tournaments on Sundays beginning August 2023. We will be posting more information as these tournaments soon!

Thanks to our Stern Army affiliation, we regularly give away prizes like promotional pinball flyers and valuable, collectable backbox translites. And these prizes don’t just go to the winners – we use raffles so anyone has an equal chance to go home with something cool.

Follow Our Events on Facebook

If you haven’t already, follow Pinball Land on Facebook:

We have found posting new information on Facebook to be more immediate than posting on here on our website, so please check there for new events and announcements.

Have a Ball with Our Stern Army Events!

The most important thing to us at Pinball Land is that our events, whether they’re a hardcore pinball tournament or a birthday party for your kid, are first and foremost FUN! You may find our events a bit more casual and silly than others around, and that’s quite intentional.

Remember what Rudy from Fun House says, “Hey, it’s only pinball!”