Top 10 Arcade Games for High Score Hunters at Pinball Land

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If you’re looking for the best arcade games at Pinball Land to test your skills and compete for the highest score, you’ve come to the right place. We have so many classic arcade games it can be difficult to decide where to start! Here are the top 10 arcade games for high score hunters at Pinball Land.

Donkey Kong

Jumpman’s iconic quest to save Pauline from the clutches of the big ape is a classic that still holds up today. Donkey Kong’s popularity as a legendary high score game has been on the rise thanks to the documentary The King of Kong and the continuing exploits of its “antagonist” Billy Mitchell.  Use your wits and reflexes to climb ladders, jump over barrels, and dodge fireballs to get as high as you can get!

QBert arcade game at Pinball Land arcade in Rockford


Help the lovable orange creature jump from square to square on the pyramid, in order to change its colors to complete levels and avoid enemies in this action-puzzle game. A favorite of retro gamers, Qbert is a great game to challenge yourself for high scores.  The Qbert at Pinball Land has a really great feeling original joystick to boot!  For additional tips and tricks on Qbert, check out this Players Guide!


This classic paddle-and-ball game puts a twist on the formula by introducing power-ups and bricks that require different strategies to destroy. Use your reflexes to keep the ball in play and rack up points by clearing each level.  Our Arkanoid machine has the original spinner for precise control over your paddle.


This classic space shooter puts players in control of a ship that must blast its way through waves of enemies. Use your reflexes and strategy to survive as long as possible and rack up the highest score.  Go for double fighters and be sure to max out the bonus stages!

Classic retro video arcade games at Pinball Land

Pac Man/Ms Pac Man

These iconic yellow dot-munchers are still classics loved by gamers of all ages. Guide Pac Man and his lovely wife Ms Pac Man through a maze, eating pellets and fruit while avoiding ghosts to rack up points.

We have both a Pac Man and Ms Pac Man cabinet. The Ms Pac Man cabinet plays Ms Pac Man at its normal “slow” speed, while the Pac Man cabinet includes different variations – and different speeds!


Shoot down a moving centipede and its various insect minions in this classic shooter game. Use your reflexes and strategy and trackball skills to stay alive as long as possible and rack up the highest score.  Our Centipede machine can be found in a really cool multi-game cabinet including Millipede, Missile Command and even a bowling game!

Retro Video Arcade Games


A challenging side-scrolling shooter, Defender tasks players with protecting humans from alien attackers. With a variety of power-ups and tricky level designs, Defender is a game that will keep you engaged and striving for a high score.  Defender is one of the most intense and demanding games of all time! The Defender at Pinball Land is absolutely gorgeous with a great monitor and the original control panel for the perfect feel.

Missile Command

Protect your city from falling bombs and missiles in this classic arcade game. Use your reflexes and strategy to defend your territory and rack up points. Missile Command can be found in the same cabinet as Centipede.

Space Invaders

Another classic space shooter, Space Invaders challenges players to shoot down waves of enemies while avoiding their fire. Use your reflexes and strategy to survive as long as possible and rack up points.  Our Space Invaders allows you to control your ship using either the classic buttons or a joystick depending on your preference.

Asteroids Deluxe arcade cabinet at Pinball Land arcade in Rockford MI

Asteroids Deluxe

A classic game that challenges players to navigate a spaceship through an asteroid field while avoiding collisions and shooting down enemy ships. With fast-paced action and unpredictable enemies, Asteroids Deluxe is a game that will test your reflexes and your skill.  We feature Asteroids Deluxe at Pinball Land, which will test the skills of even the most experienced Asteroids player!

Go for the High Score!

At Pinball Land, these classic arcade games offer hours of fun and a chance to compete for high scores. We even keep the highest scores for our most popular games on a chalk board for all to see!

High Score chalkboard at PInball Land arcade

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just looking for some nostalgic fun, these 10 arcade games at Pinball Land are a great place to start your climb to the top of the high score charts!