Cup Holders Now On All Pinball Machines

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That’s right – we now have cup holders!  Now you can enjoy an ice cold soda pop while you play!

Just place your beverage of choice in the convenient cup holder, located under the plungers on the right-side of each machine, and satisfy your pinball and sweet beverage cravings at the same time!

Cup Holders on Pinball Machines at Pinball Land arcade

We have a nice selection of delicious soda for sale, in both cans and bottles, as well as bottled water.

Whether it’s new games, more themed decorations, or even cup holders, we’re always making improvements to Pinball Land.  Little additions go a long way in our quest to be the most FUN arcade in Michigan!

Can you think of anything else you would like to see us add to Pinball Land?  Shoot us a message to and let us know!