Phase 3 Complete! New Pinball Room Now Open

1024 498 Pinball Land

To celebrate Pinball Land’s 2nd Anniversary we have opened a whole new wing of the arcade to accommodate 8 more awesome pinball machines! Take a look at this beautiful new space:

New Pinball Room at Pinball Land Arcade Rockford MINew Pinball Room at Pinball Land Arcade Rockford MI

For those of you who are longtime Pinball Land fans you may be asking yourself, “Where did they put this?!”  “Phase 3” as we’re calling it was made possible because our neighbors at Rogue Skate Shop found a bigger, better facility just up the street, freeing up a cold, ugly storage room which we immediately annexed.  With a lot of work and a bit of magic, we were able to transform this under-utilized space into a room where memories will be made.

This new room is accessible through the former “back room” through an archway on the west wall.  Not only does it house even more pinball machines, we’ve also made room for some tables and chairs to make your gaming experience just that much more comfortable.  Throw your coat over the back of a chair, put down your drink, and let the good times roll!

The current game lineup in the new room is Black Knight 2000, World Cup Soccer 94, Iron Maiden, Big Hurt, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Mustang, Vulcan and everyone’s favorite pitch-and-bat Slugfest.  Truly something for everyone!

Will there be a Pinball Land Phase 4?  Stay tuned, arcade fans!