Deadpool Pinball: Beginner’s Guide

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Deadpool pinball is, without a doubt, the hottest pinball machine at Pinball Land.  It’s fast, it’s funny, it’s great for beginners and experts alike.  It’s also one of those games where the more you know, the better your scores will be!  This article will show you some quick tips to help you break through to a billion points.  So get ready, Player – it’s Deadpool Pinball, comin’ at ya!

Deadpool pinball backglass translite image at Pinball Land arcade in Rockford MI

Multiball Basics

There are two multiball modes available at the start of a game of Deadpool: Lil’ Deadpool Multiball and Ninja Multiball.

To begin Lil Deadpool Multiball, shoot the Lil Deadpool targets until they trap a ball behind them.  Then, release the ball by knocking down a single target and the mode will begin.

Lil Deadpool on Deadpool Pinball at Pinball Land in Rockford, MI

To start Ninja Multiball, shoot the lane to the right of Lil Deadpool, the one with the green LOCK insert.  A perfect shot will re-direct the ball to the left, sending it up the side-ramp and into the handle of the katana, locking it there.  Lock 3 balls like this and Ninja Multiball will begin!

Lock balls in the katana handle in Deadpool pimball

Team Ups

Fighting villains is a big part of Deadpool pinball.  Fortunately, you don’t have to battle them alone!  You can earn “Team Ups” with other heroes to make taking down Juggernaut, Mystique and Sabretooth a whole lot easier.

To earn Team Ups, simply shoot each characters corresponding shot until the blue triangular Team Up insert is lit.  When you land a ball in the scoop to start a battle, you will see the portraits of all earned allies on the left side of the screen.

Wolverine and Domino progress bars team up Deadpool pinball

Dazzler is the easiest Team Up to earn at the left orbit/spinner shot.  Definitely take her before battling Juggernaut and/or Mystique!  You should be hitting the Dazzler shot often anyway to work your way towards Disco Multiball, so she should almost always be by your side.

Dazzler shot in Deadpool Pinball at Pinball Land in Rockford, MI

Colossus’ shot is a tight loop shot tucked under the left ramp.  Send a nice strong shot between the left ramp and the scoop to complete the loop, earn your Colosus Team Up, and maybe even a Colossal Jackpot if you hit the loop hard enough.

Colossus shot on Deadpool Pinball

Wolverine is the top spinner, best hit with a left backhand.  Finally, Domino hangs out at the far-right lane, right under the katana’s blade.


Domino shot at the right orbit on Deadpool pinball

Collect ’em all!


Villain Battles

Sabretooth is the easiest of Deadpool’s three main villains and the best to fight if you do not have a current Team Up.  His shots are colored yellow and are located at the left orbit, the right orbit and at the Wolverine spinner.  Even the pop bumpers do damage to Sabretooth, so either orbit shot scores both damage for the shot plus a bonus for pop bumper hits!  Hit a bunch of those yellow shots to whittle down his health, then finish him off at the scoop for big points!

Deadpool pinball playfield

Mystique is a tricky adversary for Deadpool, as her shots move around the board while she shape-shifts.  Concentrate on hitting the white shots to deal damage to her.  It starts at the Wolverine spinner, then moves to the two ramps, then all three shots will remain lit.  It helps to bring in a Team Up linked to a shot that you can consistently hit (Dazzler and Domino come to mind) as hitting that Wolverine spinner when the pressure is on can be remarkably difficult.

Wolverine spinner shot on Deadpool pinball

The invincible Juggernaut needs to be dazed before Deadpool can deal any damage to him.  Taunt him by completing either the D-E-A-D or P-O-O-L targets then shoot any lit orange shots to attack. Juggernaut won’t stay dizzy forever, so if you don’t hit an orange shot fast enough, you will have to re-complete the stand up targets.  Similar to Mystique, it’s a very good idea to battle Juggernaut with a Team Up activated so you can bypass the whole stand-up target thing and just get straight to doing damage.


There’s more to explore!

The above tips are enough to get you started, but Deadpool pinball has so much more to offer!  We haven’t even touched on Quests, Katanarama Time, Sauron, Mr. Sinister, Mechsuit Multiball, Disco Multiball and the all-important Snikit Shot, but we wouldn’t want to spoil all of the fun.

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