Is Police Trainer the Best Game at Pinball Land?

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Is Police Trainer the best game at Pinball Land? Many of our players think so!
Police Trainer Arcade Game Pinball Land
Police Trainer is an excellent arcade game that features addictive competition as you wield super-accurate light guns in a variety of fun mini-games that will test your skills. Complete stages to advance in rank, awarding you with greater challenges to master.
Another perk is that Police Trainer is non-violent: the only things that get shot are targets, making it suitable for all-ages.  And these aren’t just any targets.  This is the shooting range of your dreams, featuring moving targets, tests of speed, and target recognition drills that border on riddles.  It’s great fun and you can feel your skills improve as you play.
If you have never played Police Trainer before, bring a friend to Pinball Land and have a blast!