Honoring Arcade Legends Nolan Bushnell and Eugene Jarvis

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Not only does Pinball Land offer classic arcade games to play, we also have created an atmosphere and aesthetic born out of pure love for these games.  But these games didn’t just flash into existence on their own – they were all designed and engineered by wild and crazy pioneers whose personalities and resumes are just as interesting as their creations.  We have honored two of the most influential legends in the arcade industry – Nolan Bushnell and Eugene Jarvis – with framed photos.
Nolan Bushnell is the founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese as well as a pioneer in home robotics with his company Androbot. He’s shown in his photo working on a prototype TOPO robot, one of the first “home robots” available in the 1980’s.
Nolan Bushnell with TOPO
Eugene Jarvis is the genius behind games such as Defender, Robotron 2084, NARC and Cruis’n USA.  He’s rocking an awesome NARC t-shirt in his photo as he stands in front of a line of, at the time, brand-new arcade games.
Eugene Jarvis wearing a NARC shirt
Arcades as we know them would not be the same without the contributions from these two brilliant men!
You can find their photos in the back room of Pinball Land. Now you can put a face to the games  Look out for new additions to our “Walls of Fame” as time goes on.