Timing is Everything in Williams’ Scorpion Pinball

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Experience the action of Williams’ Scorpion pinball, now at Pinball Land!  You, captain of the attack ship Scorpion 3, are the last line of defense against the vicious hydra! Can you earn multi-ball to save the day?

Scorpion Pinball by Williams at Pinball Land
Sink balls in both eject holes and suddenly, all lights, sounds and action shut down to alert the player to imminent attack! Now, the real battle against time begins! Each second of multi-ball play automatically scores 1,000 points, 2,000 when action is on double timer! The timer will log up to 99 seconds of super-scoring action as long as both balls are in play!
In Williams’ Scorpion pinball, timing is everything!
Scorpion Pinball Flyer