Jokerz! Pinball – Let The Game Begin!

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GR Pinball has provided another wonderfully fun pinball machine for you to enjoy at Pinball Land – Jokerz! Williams released this amusing game in 1988, taking the popular card theme from the electro-mechanical era and updating it with some modern gimmicks. Read on to learn more about what makes Jokerz! just so much fun!

Double Yer Score and So Much More!

In addition to the typical targets, spinners, ramps and lanes you’ll find on many pinball machines, Jokerz! has a few stand-out features.

Jokerz Pinball Playfield Shot LayoutFirst, is the center “drawbridge ramp.” When the game starts, this ramp is lowered, however a well-placed shot to the center stand-up target will raise the clanky drawbridge into position. Now you can fire balls off that ramp and into the ball locking chamber to start working towards Multiball!

Jokerz Pinball BackglassNext, look to the backglass. See the cards the King is holding in his hand? When you make the Draw Poker spinner shot (when lit), the King will draw a new hand of cards! The value of each hand is printed on the scroll in the middle of the backglass. You might just luck out with some seriously good rewards!

Jokerz Pinball Draw Poker Shot with SpinnerLastly is Jokerz!’ controversial “Double Your Score” feature. On Ball 3 of every game, if a player makes the ball up both the left and right ramps, within the time limit, you will instantly double your entire score!

Jokerz Pinball PlayfieldSome players say this feature unbalances the scoring. This would be a fair complaint, but it’s really, really difficult to make both of those ramp shots while the pressure is on! Plus, both players get this opportunity on Ball 3 without having to do anything special on the previous two balls. Make sure you try to double YOUR score when you step up to Jokerz!

Quiet! We Are Playing.

Jokerz! is one of the first Williams pinball machines to feature 2-channel sound. While not quite true “stereo sound” like what Data East was delivering around the same time, between the music, sound effects, and crystal-clear voice samples, Jokerz!’ 2-channel sound makes for a rich experience. Jokerz! is a treat for all the senses!

Jokerz Pinball Flipper Jester FlippersGR Pinball Featured Game

Jokerz! is the second of GR Pinball’s Featured Games to be set up and enjoyed at Pinball Land. Every month (or so) Matt McKenzie of GR Pinball will be setting up a new game for everyone to play in the front room of Pinball Land. It all started with Stern’s amazing Orbitor 1 and now Jokerz! is here holding court for a limited time only.

Don’t miss out on another unique pinball experience! Come on down to Pinball Land and try your luck on Jokerz! today!

Draw poker!