Get Ready for The Big Game with Pro Football Pinball

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We’ve added yet another elecro-mechanical gem to Pinball Land’s game lineup – Gottlieb’s Pro Football! This 1973 pinball machine features 4 flippers in a super unconventional flipper arrangement, a very special way of launching the ball, and even two different ways to score. Keep on reading to learn more about this terrific pinball machine!

Pro Football pinball machine at Pinball Land

Gottlieb’s Pro Football pinball machine, originally released in 1973.

Four Flipper Football

Pro Football has 4 flippers in an arrangement not seen on many other games. Each flipper is clearly marked for a football position, Quarter Back, Full Back, Half Back and Flankerback.

Pro Football pinball - flippers

Pro Football has a very unique flipper layout. Be careful – attempting a cradle from the lower flippers will not go the way you want!

The flippers are angled to create a kind of curve at the bottom of the playfield where the ball can be caught, but not traditionally. If you attempt to cradle the ball with either of the lower flippers, it will result in it rolling between the flippers and down the drain. This forces the player to flip completely differently than they are used to in other pinball machines.

There are also no inlanes on this game! The bottom of Pro Football is wide-open allowing for shots to be fired at the lower vari-targets on either side of the game.  The ball can even pass between the flippers, so be mindful of when you flip!

Here’s the kick!

The ball launch on Pro Football is completely different from other pinball machines. Instead of the traditional ball plunger that’s on 90% of pinball machines, or even a “Launch Ball” button, on Pro Football the ball is launched by pressing the right-side flipper button. The ball will be kicked upwards from between the flippers and sail to the right. Sometimes the ball can come right back from where it came from, so be ready for it!

Two Ways to Score!

Pro Football is almost like 2 games in 1! It features a traditional pinball scoring reel found on many electro-mechanical games labeled “High Score.”  It also has a secondary scoring reel labeled “Points” that operates alongside the main system, scoring points just like real football!

Pro Football pinball - football field

Hit specific targets and shots to add yards to move the ball down the football field. Getting the ball in the end zone scores a touchdown worth 6 “football points.”

Look around the playfield; some targets and switches score both points AND yards. Just like real football, if you move the ball 100 yards, you score a touchdown!  Add 6 points to the secondary reel!  You can see where you are on the field by looking at the illuminated inserts in the middle of the game. There are even targets that score exclusively “football points” without having to move the ball down the field at all.

Pro Football pinball - Spinner

The spinner is a great way to add points to your score and add yards to your field positioning!

It’s fun to mix it up, sometimes playing for “pinball points” sometimes playing for “football points!” At our weekly pinball tournaments, players choose to play for either points and agree to a score reel before the game starts.

Pigskin Pinball

These single-player Gottlieb “wedgehead” pinball games have proven to be extremely popular.  We have no doubt that Pro Football will be just as much of a hit as the others we have featured. Come on down to Pinall Land anytime to give this game – and all the others in our beautiful lineup – the ol’ college try.