Pinball Land is now Insider Connected!

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All of the new Stern Spike 2 pinball machines at Pinball Land are now Insider Connected!  This exciting new feature enables you to “log in” to the pinball machines to unlock more ways to play.  What does this mean for you the player?  Read on to learn more about one of the coolest innovation to ever happen to pinball!

What is Insider Connected?

Stern Pinball’s Insider Connected is a new feature that connects their latest pinball machines to the internet – and to you!  For the player, it allows you to earn achievements (and thus experience points) on every machine.  It’s a great way to learn more about each game and to push for certain objectives instead of just chasing the high score every game.  It puts your profile on local leaderboards and even allows you to find different local games to play.  For the operator, it allows us to monitor our games from a distance, making sure we address any issues that come up, while also giving us statistics on how the games are being played.

How Does It Work?

It couldn’t be easier!  There isn’t even an app to install!  Simply scan the QR code displayed on the apron of any Insider Connected game with your phone.  This will take you to a website where you create a Stern Insider account.

Once you account is created (it takes less than 2 minutes) you will be provided with your own unique QR code attached to your profile.  Simply bring that up on your phone screen, scan it into the game’s QR reader, and presto – you’re logged in!

Led Zeppelin Pinball Stern Insider Connected QR reader

Some players don’t even bother using their phone for this process. They have printed their QR code out and stuck it to the back of their phone or wallet for quick scanning where they don’t have to bring their phone into their pinball experience.

What Games are Insider Connected?

At Pinball Land, all of our “Spike 2” system pinball machines are Insider Connected.  At the time of this writing that includes:

  • Iron Maiden
  • Godzilla
  • Jurassic Park
  • The Beatles
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Deadpool

We have plans to acquire many more Insider Connected games!  This, coupled with our admission-based pricing makes Pinball Land an awesome venue to rack up experience points!

What are you waiting for?  Get Insider Connected the next time you’re at Pinball Land. It will change the way you play – for the better!