Space Station Pinball is Now in Orbit

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The latest classic William’s pinball machine to land at Pinball Land, Space Station pinball, is totally out of this world! With its unique in-lane arrangement and stunning multi-ball sequence, you might find yourself climbing aboard again and again. Read on to learn more about the ultimate “pinball rendezvous!”

Space Station Pinball – Prepare for Launch

When you first step up to Space Station, one of the first thing you may notice is the very unusual in-lane situation. In short, there are none! The traditional slingshots have been moved to where the in-lanes typically are located, opening up the whole lower of the game.

This arrangement completely changes how you must negotiate and control balls near the flippers. To make the transition process a bit easier, you are granted a kickback at the left out-lane, but the right out-lane is incredibly hungry for attempted trap-ups.

Space Station Pinball - Full Game

Condition Green

Achieving multi-ball in Space Station is something you will not soon forget. Once activated, the in-game lighting turns from white to green! It is a truly stunning effect. Fortunately, it’s easy to remember how to do it.

Space Station Pinball - Upper Playfield 123 Lanes

Complete the 1-2-3 lanes on Space Station’s upper playfield to re-light the ball locks.

First, complete the 1-2-3 lanes on the upper playfield to light your locks. You can get up to the 1-2-3 platform from either the plunge or by shooting the ball popper in the upper-right corner of the playfield.

There are 2 entrances to the ball popper – the left orbit, or aiming more directly via the lane to the right of and slightly above the drop target bank (see the photo below.)

Then, shoot for the green arrow shots to lock balls. You must lock one ball on either side of the game locking “Liberty” and “Defender.”

Space Station Pinball - Right Playfield with Ramp

Shoot up the right ramp to lock a ball. Shoot the large green “Release” insert above the drop target bank to start multi-ball!

Once the two balls are locked, fire away at the “Release” insert. A successful shot starts the “Condition Green” multi-ball sequence! Prepare yourself as best you can – as soon as the multi-ball mode is activated, the lights will all suddenly change to a brilliant green!

It seems challenging to activate multi-ball in Space Station at first, but with practice you will be able to re-activate this mode without too much trouble.

You Must Re-Dock!

Once in multi-ball, you must do as the game says and “re-dock!” Get the balls back into their locks and it’s “Mission Accomplished!” Time for a great big jackpot reward.

Space Station Pinball - Right Ramp

Making this ramp shot takes practice — especially during multi-ball! Beware – there’s a drop target blocking the ramp!

There’s no big secret to completing this objective. Do your best to control the multi-ball action without the assistance of in-lane guides. It may help to toss a ball up into the pop bumper nest to tie it up. This will give you an opportunity to aim a shot at either the left orbit or right ramp.

Bonus Ball

Not to be confused with an Extra Ball, Space Station has a special Bonus Ball feature. This is an additional timed ball played after the last regulation ball. You can see which players have earned a Bonus Ball by checking the playfield inserts above the left flipper.

If you have earned a Bonus Ball, you will get 25 extra seconds of play at the end of your game. Now, if you achieved multi-ball during the normal game, you will get 45 seconds instead!  When your Bonus Ball drains, another ball will be served to the shooter lane so you can keep going until the timer runs out.

Since multi-ball and ball locks are disabled during Bonus Ball, the path to maximizing the opportunity is in the targets. Completing S-T-A-T-I-O-N as well as the drop target bank is a good way to rack up some points. Also don’t under-estimate the U-S-A rollover lanes beneath the 1-2-3 platform.

Space Station’s Bonus Ball is a fun feature and a great way to get some extra points on the board!

Space Station Pinball - Playfield Features

Williams’ Space Station pinball machine is a special one, and ours at Pinball Land is a beautiful example.

Space Station Pinball – Mission Accomplished

Space Station joins other quality William’s “System 11” pinball machines we’ve had at Pinball Land including Pin*Bot, Taxi, Jokerz!, F-14 Tomcat and Black Knight 2000.

The System 11 pinball games have just the best balance of artwork, accessibility, speed and challenge. Plus, they’re reliable!

You can be sure that Pinball Land will always feature some games from this legendary lineage, including the very special Space Station!