The Fast and the Furious Super Bikes are Here!

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I know how much you love the racing games at Pinball Land, so when the guys over at 616 Amusements offered me a set of Fast and the Furious Super Bikes, I just had to take them up on it. This game is awesome and humongous, featuring two full-size motorcycles you get to ride on as you play! You actually sit on the bike, twist the throttle to accelerate, and lean left and right to steer.  You’ve got to try this!

Fast and the Furious Super Bikes

The Fast and the Furious Super Bikes two-player deluxe arcade game is now at Pinball Land!

The bikes’ handlebars each feature a grip throttle, brake and clutch levers, and great big buttons that change your view and engage your nitro.  I personally recommend pressing that View button a couple of times at the start of each race to switch the view to the first person perspective for the most immersive experience.

Fast and the Furious Super Bikes at Pinball Land handlebars and buttons detail

Press the blue View button a couple of times to switch to first-person perspective, and don’t forget to hit the big N2O button to engage your nitro boost!


Speaking of immersion, the bikes feature functional tail lights, animated LEDs on the exhaust pipes, and atmospheric under lighting.  Super Bikes rocks an awesome stereo sound system with in-your-face speakers that make each race of this game more of an interactive amusement park ride than a typical arcade game.

Fast and the Furious Super Bikes at Pinball Land

The Fast and The Furious Super Bikes is great fun for anyone regardless of your video game skill level.

All of you fans of Cruisn’ Exotica are going to just love Fast and the Furious Super Bikes.  The game play is very similar to Cruisn’, focusing on pure fun over technical racing.  Anybody can play and have a great time with Super Bikes.  You can’t go off the road and end up driving backwards, you can’t run out of gas, you can’t crash and die on the side of the road.  Worst case scenario, you run out of time, but you’ll still have a blast while doing it.  Truly easy to play and hard to master – getting first place in Super Bikes is a real achievement, but you’ll be having so much fun you won’t care if you wind up dead last.

Each track has secret passages and shortcuts that will shave seconds off of your time as well as provide new opportunities for stunts.  We’re still trying to figure out how to reliably pull off stunts, but it seems like flipping and spinning in mid-air is a substantial component of the game.  (It may even be like a skateboarding game, we don’t have enough time on it to say for sure – maybe you can help find the game’s secrets!)  Already there seems to a ton of replay value to Fast and the Furious Super Bikes, and it’s even more fun to explore with a friend riding alongside you.

Another aspect of the Super Bikes I wanted to point out is the numeric keypad on the front panel.  Just like in Cruisn’ Exotica and Gauntlet Legends, you can use this keypad to create a profile that will save your progress, upgrades, and earned money.  It also quickly enters your name on the high score lists.  (Just please, keep the names clean. Every time I find a string of dirty words on the high score board, I have to erase everyone’s scores, alright?)

Fast and the Furious Super Bikes at Pinball Land Keypad

This is the keypad to enter your phone number or PIN to save your progress to your profile. The game will not prompt you to enter your number – just start punching in your number immediately after you start your game.

To create and access your profile, after you press the Start Button to begin your game, begin entering your phone number into the keypad.  Don’t worry, the game isn’t recording your phone number – it’s just used as a unique ID to register your profile.  This will allow you to earn various upgrades for your bike like tires and engine, so you can take on the harder stages, like the apocalyptic streets of Detroit!

Fast and the Furious Super Bikes at Pinball Land

The Super Bikes have their own room at Pinball Land – for maximum immersion!


You will find Fast and the Furious Super Bikes located in the first room on the right, where the old electro mechanical pinball machines used to be.  I loved having those old pinball machines in there so much, and I know a lot of other people felt the same way.  Heck, some people came in only to play those old pins!  However, given how much love Crusin’ Exotica has gotten, when the opportunity arose to offer more fun of that level to you, I had to take it, and I only have so much space.  It’s very possible that games like Vulcan and Joker Poker may make an appearance again, but the plan for that room for the foreseeable future, is Super Bikes.  Like the menu at Taco Bell, some old favorites have sadly left, but at least we replaced them with something awesome!


I can’t wait for you to come on down to Pinball Land and have a blast on Fast and the Furious Super Bikes, a terrific new addition to our ever-evolving lineup of arcade hits!