Sega’s Out Run Has Arrived at Pinball Land!

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Sega’s smash hit OUT RUN is now at Pinball Land! Fire up your Ferarri, pick your music, and push the pedal to the metal as you choose your own path to the finish line.Out Run arcade game upright model at Pinball Land arcade in Rockford MI

Our OUT RUN cabinet is the upright version, complete with steering wheel, gear shift, and an awesome force-feedback motor.  As is our style, we’ve got the sound cranked up so you can fully appreciate this magical sound shower of an original soundtrack.  Veteran arcade gamers will notice some authentic “vintage details” on the dashboard – a sign of the times!

In OUT RUN, you need to shift gears to succeed! Fortunately, there are only 2 gears to deal with: LOW and HI. Start off in LOW to build up speed. When your tachometer begins to show green segments, shift into HI to reach top speed!  If you wait too long to shift, your car will slow down and you will lose about 1 second.

Out Run Steering Wheel Control Panel Pinball Land

You can also shift to help with cornering.  Shift into LOW when taking a sharp turn, then get back into HI on the straightaways.

Just take it easy on the shifter, alright?  Out Run came out in 1986 (35 years ago!) and they don’t make spare shifter parts anymore!

Pinball Land’s Out Run can be found in the back room next to other classic Sega games Altered Beast and Crazy Taxi:

Out Run Altered Beast Crazy Taxi Pinball Land

What is your favorite OUT RUN track to drive to?  The exotic Magical Sound Shower, the relaxing Passing Breeze or the exciting Splash Wave?